I'm no Jony Ive...

"Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated." - Paul Rand

I'm a programmer and aspiring product manager.  I created this blog to serve as a medium for my exploration of product design.  Each week I'll examine a single product, deconstructing it to better understand the choices its creators made.  I'm no Jony Ive, but I hope these weekly meditations will help broaden my perspective and accelerate my growth as a product manager.  I'm going to say some silly and naive things along the way.  Marc Andreessen's line, "STRONG VIEWS, WEAKLY HELD" applies at all times.  I'm ok looking foolish if I end up smarter for it.  None of my opinions are static, and I hope/expect to learn as much from the readers of this site as I will through the process of breaking down the products.